Aster and he Accidental Magic by Thom Pico

Aster and the Accidental Magic: Pico, Thom, Karensac ...


Aster is a city girl who is suddenly plopped in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to her Mom’s job, she and her family have moved to her Dad’s old village, where nature is everywhere and people are not. Aster has to find her own source of entertainment, which ends up including magic! 

This book gave me serious Hilda vibes, and I am HERE for it. Nature is magical and I’m so glad authors are realizing that more. Aster didn’t initially appreciate the beautiful landscape around her, and that was okay. She learned to love it and found friends along the way. 

There were so many lessons in this book, and they were beautifully taught. The book explored different themes, like parents lying to their children, the importance of team effort, that it’s okay to be angry, and so many more. It was just a joy to read. I didn’t want to come back to reality. I feel when an author makes it difficult to come back to the real world, they have done a spectacular job, and that’s how I feel about Aster and the Accidental Magic.

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