Time for Bed Miyuki by Roxana Marie Galliez

Time for Bed, Miyuki: Galliez, Roxane Marie, Ratanavanh, Seng Soun:  9781616897055: Amazon.com: Books


This is a story about a girl who does not want to go to bed. I think we can all relate to a time in our life when we were kids and did not want to go to bed. However, in this story, Miyuki’s grandfather helps her prepare for bed by assisting her with her tasks. She makes a canopy for a dragonfly queen, waters her vegetables, and covers the cat, among other things. By the time everything is complete, both the grandfather and Miyuki are sleepy. They finish the night by reading a bedtime story, and drift off into dreams.

I would highly recommend this book for many reasons. The illustrations are beautiful, the story is sweet, and the message, I feel, is wonderful. First, the illustrations are beautiful, with luscious colors and creative perspectives. It truly feels like I’m inside the imagination of a child. Second, the story itself is so sweet, as we can all relate to a time when we did not want to go to bed. Finally, I feel the message it sends is wonderful: that we, as adults, should encourage imagination in children and assist them with their tasks. While the tasks may seem meaningless to us, they are everything to children, and validating their experiences is great.

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