Who Was Amelia Earhart by Kate Boehm Jerome

Who Was Amelia Earhart?: Jerome, Kate Boehm, Who HQ, Cain, David:  9780448428567: Amazon.com: Books


This book chronicles Amelia Earhart’s life from childhood to her final flight. Beginning in 1897, Amelia was born in her grandmother’s house. Though Amelia’s grandparents were well off financially wise, Amelia’s father had difficulty keeping a job. This led to the family splitting up in Amelia’s teenage years, with her, her mother, and her sister moving to Chicago. Once Amelia was nineteen, she left for Ogontz School in Pennsylvania. She did very well there, but during her time there World War I started. She left for Toronto and became a nurses aid, helping those who were wounded. When she returned home, she began seeing a boy, and he eventually proposed. She declined, stating she couldn’t give her freedom to him. It was then that Amelia sought out flying as a career. After taking lessons and passing her license exam, Amelia flew stunt shows with her friend. Soon her friend married, and at age 28 Amelia was asked again by her previous suitor to marry him. Though it was tempting, she declined, her freedom was more important. By 1929, after becoming the first woman to fly across the ocean (as a passenger), Amelia had made it in life, having given more than 200 speeches and interviews (and being paid for them). Eventually, Amelia’s father passed away and she married her long time friend and manager, George. In the end, Amelia wanted to set a record for flying around the world, and unfortunately crashed and was never found.

I would recommend this book for older children as there is a lot of text involved. The story is told in a simplified and easy to understand manner, and definitely provides enough information to write an essay about. It doesn’t leave out any part of Amelia’s life, including the unhappy parts, such as when her parents split or when her father dies. I loved that the author included that she turned down proposals from men, as it shows little girls that you don’t have to live a certain way to have a happy life. Overall, a wonderfully told biography about an amazing woman.

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