Who Was Florence Nightingale by Kitson Jazynka

DK Life Stories: Florence Nightingale: Jazynka, Kitson, Ager, Charlotte:  9781465478443: Amazon.com: Books


Florence was born into a well off family in 1820. From a young age she was fascinated with the world, not afraid to ask questions and search for answers. She loved animals from a young age as well, which led to her love of helping the sick and in need. Thanks to her father, Florence received a “gentleman’s education” where she learned everything that women were not aloud to know back in those days. Her family wasn’t as enthused that she enjoyed helping the sick. Though her family disapproved of her dedication to helping the sick, that didn’t stop Florence. As time passed, she became more determined to make a career out of nursing. Though she was old enough to marry, Florence didn’t want to. This caused a huge riff in her family relationships. Eventually they all made up, and Florence became a nurse and found herself in the middle of a war. She helped many soldiers during her time and loved everything about her life. Eventually she became deathly ill herself, and though she recovered, her brush with death wasn’t over, becoming sick multiple times throughout her life. She eventually died at age 90. To this day people know her as the Lady with the Lamp, searching for those who are sick and injured.

I would recommend this book to older children and adults. I used to be in nursing school and while Florence Nightingale was mentioned, we never went into detail about her. I think that’s too bad, because learning about her and her life was amazing! She is such a good role model for children, especially young girls, because she lived her life her way, and didn’t let anyone’s opinion of her change her mind. She knew she wanted to help people and she did. It was so interesting to learn about her upbringing and her family, as well as her struggles of deciding which life to choose. I wish more people read these books, because they’re so informative without being completely overwhelming.

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