Who Was Jane Austen by Sarah Fabiny

Who Was Jane Austen?: Fabiny, Sarah, Who HQ, Hoare, Jerry: 9780448488639:  Amazon.com: Books


Jane Austen was born in 1775 to a reverend and his wife. Though women of the time were meant to be raised as good wives, Jane’s family valued education, and from a young age she and her older sister Cassandra were allowed to rea. The two of them even went to school for a short time, but it soon ended. Soon after coming home, Jane began writing stories. When family visited or they went on a trip, she brainstormed new ideas for more stories. As time passed, Jane’s family grew up and married, and Jane hoped to be married soon too. She still wrote constantly, and helped out the family through trials and tribulations. When she was finally proposed to though, she declined, stating that becoming published was more important, and she also wanted to marry for love, not wealth. She eventually did publish a book, and that made her more determined to write even more. After her father died, her brother offered to help her mother and her sisters by offering them a home they had inherited. When Jane became ill, she hid it from her family and continued to write. When she died, her nephew published a memoir about her, introducing her work to a larger audience than she had ever known.

I would highly recommend this book, more for adults than children though. Jane Austen’s writing is amazing, but many children don’t read her work. I learned more about Jane Austen from this book than I ever knew about her in my 26 years. This book wonderfully chronicles her life, from the good times to the bad. I feel her writing perfectly depicts how her life was back in the day, and love that most of her characters mirror her relationships she had with her family. The illustrations were also lovely, with not too much detail but enough to get the point across. Overall a very informative, well organized book.

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