Who Was Queen Victoria by Jim Gigliotti

Who Was Queen Victoria? (Who Was?) - Kindle edition by Gigliotti, Jim, Who  HQ, Hergenrother, Max. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


Queen Victoria’s life was a hard one, from the time she was born. Her father died suddenly when she was quite young, and though her mother never remarried, she befriended a man to help take care of the house. He and Victoria’s mother were power hungry, and did everything they could to make Victoria feel like an outcast. They hoped that one day Victoria would be queen, and would be so dependent on the two of them that they could rule through her. By the time she was eleven she realized how close to the throne she was, and grew an independent will and took her education seriously. When she was eighteen she became queen, and was up for the challenge, She moved her mother and friend to the far side of Buckingham palace so she could focus on her reign. She eventually fell in love and married her cousin, and they had nine children together. Her mother eventually died, followed by her husband. Her husband’s death took the worst toll on her, and she withdrew from the public eye. As time passed and her children grew, Victoria continued to fulfill her duties, but never stopped mourning. When she was about to die, she planned her funeral asking to be buried in white, as she was finally going to stop mourning and be reunited with her husband. She soon died afterwards.

I would recommend this book again mostly for adults, but also older children. History, though boring to most children, is important, and history of other countries is crucial as we get so little of it in our education. I never knew much about Queen Victoria, but she lived an amazing life! It was interesting to read about her upbringing, her triumphs and tribulations, and her determination to reign as a good and just queen. I felt the story was told as simply and cleanly as possible, leaving out little and yet not being too overwhelming. The illustrations were beautiful as well, and really made me feel like I was a part of the story. Overall a wonderfully informative book.

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