Wolf In The Snow by Matthew Cordell

Wolf in the Snow: Cordell, Matthew: 9781250076366: Amazon.com: Books


This book is told without words and with only illustrations. It follows a girl on her journey home and a small wolf pup, during a terrible snow storm. Both became lost/separated. They find each other and seemed to reach an unspoken agreement to comfort each other. The girl travels far out of her way to bring the wolf pup home. Once the pup was returned safely, the girl tries to find her own way home, only to collapse from the cold. The wolves come and help her, signaling to her family where she is. Both the girl and pup found their way home, with the help of each other.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone, not just children. Books that opt out of telling a story with words can easily flop. This book was not one of those. It told such a beautiful, deep, meaningful story with simple and beautiful illustrations. It reminded me a bit of the story Pax, which is about a boy and his pet fox, and they become separated. Seeing the initial interaction between the child and wolf pup, and the unspoken trust they put in each other was stunning.

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